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Our team of professional installers will make sure your solar installation on your Hillsborough County home goes smoothly from start to finish.

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Don Warner Electric can install solar panels on many different roof styles. Whether your Hillsborough County home has a shingle, metal, tile, membrane, or any other style roof, our team will have no issue installing your solar panels in Hillsborough County.

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How Much Will I Save On Solar in Hillsborough County?

Installing solar panels on your Hillsborough County home gives you the ability to save money by utilizing the natural energy of the sun. Once you install solar panels on your Hillsborough County home, you will see a lower electric bill. In general, solar panels pay for themselves after 7 to 8 years of installation. Stop paying your electric bill and go solar.

Our solar panels have a 30-year production warranty. Plus a 25-year roof penetration warranty. All Don Warner Electric warranties are straight from the manufacturer.

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High Quality Manufacturing

Our solar panels are produced by Silfab Solar; the North American manufacturing leader of ultra-high-efficiency, premium quality PV modules.

Benefits of Going Solar in Hillsborough County

Save money on your electric bill
Increase the value of your Hillsborough County home
Protect the environment
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How Does Solar Power Work?

Solar panels on your roof absorb sunlight with photovoltaic (PV) cells, which generate a direct current (DC) energy. This DC energy is then converted into usable alternating current (AC) energy through the help of inverter technology. The AC energy then flows through your home’s electrical panel and is distributed accordingly.

As part of our expert installation, Don Warner Electric Solar products and equipment come with a 25-year warranty. Ready for your Hillsborough County home to go solar?